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The programmes of the centre are organised into four sections: art exhibitions, workshops, competition calls, and miscellany. Clicking on these four options you will see all the work we programme. This is based on criteria originating from two points: the Direction Plan of the centre drawn up by Artimetria in 2010, and the directives to be followed as part of the Catalan Visual Art Centres Network.

The principles underlying our remit can be laid out in five lines of work:

1)Dissemination and promotion of visual arts.

This includes consolidated activities such as BIAM or the Strobe Festival as well as new projects which aim to strengthen the present offer of art activities. We endeavour to extend our scope, paying special attention to local emerging and experienced creators, with a focus on fields such as urban or sound art, or artistic themes closely related to our centre’s specialisation. Finally, as a catalyst for visual arts activities in this area, the centre plans to set up collaborations with other proposals or local bodies to propose co-productions, in a similar way to those already being carried out with the Terres de l’Ebre Museum. In the near future, our goal is also to participate on an international stage, bringing quality international productions to our centre.

 2) Learning, pedagogy and knowledge exchange

This section covers workshops and specific courses for a deeper and more specific understanding of expressive and technical art languages, models of research and production, and conceptual development. Based on a peer to peer philosophy, it also includes knowledge exchange activities between artists – including those resident at the centre and local artists. Finally, the centre has to generate a stable and transversal educational offer for children and families covering all the artistic activities of the centre.

3) Research and production activities of the resident artists.

The residence in the Balada hamlet allows us to set up a call for artists and researchers to come here and work in the specialised fields the centre deals with. Other activities taking place in the centre can also make the most of these facilities. The residence is also shared with the Terres de l’Ebre Museum, thus facilitating the chances of artists meeting and sharing experiences with biologists, anthropologists, archaeologists and so on.

4) Documentation, media records, archives, reports and art collections.

The conservation of the art production and documentation resulting from our artistic activity means we need an archive system easily accessible to the public and consultable by researchers and artists. The centre must conserve and catalogue the existing Town Art Collection as well as any future additions to the collection. To this end we work with important centres such as: the S.J. Arbó town library, the county records office, and the Terres de l’Ebre Museum.

5) Contemporary thought and connections between art and science.

Finally, the centre aims to promote the production and communication of contemporary thought via visual arts, and offer a deeper look at the cultural, pedagogic, socio-economic and critical values of art. Our first action towards this objective involves the bi-annual publication of a magazine published together with the Terres de l’Ebre Museum.

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Lo Pati

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