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Deep workshop with school children of Soriano Montagut of Amposta


Library Sebastià Juan Arbó. Amposta

Until September 2013

Projecte DEEP

Device of Ephemeral Writing with Blackboards

Deep is a project promoted by L'Aula al Pati program, the art center of the Terres de l'Ebre, Lo Pati. The project revolves around the action to collect blackboards of plaster unused (because they have been substituted by digital blackboards or of markers) of the institutes and schools of the area of influence of the art center to build a modular device with what realise actions and interventions in the public space. However, all folded is a pretext to board collaborative relationships with the educational centres of the territory.

Along these two last months, the children of P5, third and fifth of the college Soriano Montagut, the fourth of Miquel Granell and nursery, primary, seconcary and post compulsory EEC L'Angel d'Amposta have visited the center of art to participate in the activity "draw, write, erase, paint...". In addition, we have installed the decive of blackborad in the square of the art center (Depp # 1), in the Castle (# 2 Deep), with the participation of students ESARDI, and the local library Sebastià Juan Arbò of Amposta (depp # 3). Simultaneously, there have been realised activities related with the project 'Deep' to institutes of Deltebre, in Ramon Berenguer IV of Amposta and Els Alfacs of Sant Carles de la Ràpita. To promote the project, we had collaboration of CRP Montsià and the local library Sebastia Juan Arbó of Amposta, which is the home point of documentation. 

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