Lo Pati - Centre d'Art  - Terres de l'Ebre : Festival Eufònic 2013

Poster of Eufònic 2013

Festival Eufònic 2013

Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Amposta and Delta del Ebro

Since 5 to 28 of september

Eufònic, the Sample of Audible and Visual Art of the Terres de l'Ebre, will celebrate his second edition in several spaces of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Lo Pati Centre d'Arts Visuals of Amposta, and other natural spaces of the Delta del Ebre

Eufònic 2013 presents all the programming that will be held from 5 to 8 September in Terres de l'Ebre. Already it can consult to his  web the schedules of the performances inaugurated the day 5 with Musik Komite, with his electronic of cinematographic airs and jazz and visual creations, and a session of K.o’s Dj.

The performances of the following days will bring us the dreampop of Desert, to deconstruted dub Sta, the intense electronic of Wooky acocompanied by visual for Videocratz or a very special session of Dj2d2 with his audiovisual show, which is punctured with live images. 

Meanwhile, Lina Bautista & Laura Llaneli give life to the installation "Things Like Things" and Joan Martin-Frasquier will sound to the visual collective Blow Factory. In addition, there will be the DJs Apartament18 and Brunetov.

In addition, in Eufònic also there will be space for the formation and it will realise two workshops. The first, in collaboration with Lo Pati, is a generative graphic workshop driven by the visual artist Alba G. Corral. It's an introduction for those who want to know the world of Visual Processing from the beginning, headed to visual artists, designers, programmers, VJs, curious and all those people interested in the visual code and the generative graphics, without being necessary to have previous knowledges. The second workshop, headed to children of 3 to 8 years and driven by Isa Loran and Jaume Vidal, is a Soundpainting workshop. During the workshop, children will investigate the possibilities of sound and visual elements that surround us everyday to create and artistic speech in real time, connected through the image, sound, movement and action. 

Actions in singular spaces
In addition to the audiovisual performances, in Eufònic we find proposals and audible actions and/or visual that are situate in the margins of the disciplines: the audible action of Vicent Matamoros and Mobility Lab in the Market fish in schedule of auction promise to recover some of the traditions associated with the sea to reflect on the changes caused by technology, the quintet Ensemble Topogràfic, formed by a dancer, an electronic musician and three musicians of rock, will present his work -the result of reflection of the constant movement between the river and the sea- in an outdoor space and connotations as unique as lake Encanyissada, the duo Lina Bautista and Laura Llaneli, instead, will install his world of audible bodies in one of the playground of l'Església Nova, neoclassic former palace unfinished.

Artistic residences
Ryan Rivadeneyra  presented on Friday 6 September the work: ‘Quiero ser la escoba que en tu vida barra la tristeza, AJ05012013, te quiero’, an installation and performance result of his research among strangers landscapes during the seven days of July that he was living in Balada, in Ebro Delta. 

For his band, the same Friday, Edith Alonso (Madrid) and Antony Maubert (França), will present the result of their work in the form of sound performance from a graphic score generated by the geography of Ebro Delta, adapting their 'man made', analog synthesizers and bass sounds ready to own the landscape, combinig different abstract audible languages with the concrete sounds of geography, and where the random improvisation also have their place. 

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