Lo Pati - Centre d'Art  - Terres de l'Ebre : Residences Eufònic 2013

Edith Alonso and Antony Maubert in concert

Residences Eufònic 2013

Balada and Ebro Delta

August and September 2013

The project of the north american artist Ryan Rivadeneyra and the french and spanish group formed by Edith Alonso and Antony Maubert, selected residences Eufònic 2013.

Eufònic and Centre d'Art Lo Pati held a competition for the artistic residences about Eufònic 2013, headed to receive projects of musician and experimental video and audible and visual art related with the landscape of Ebro Delta. A jury formed by Lluís Nacenta (Master of Audible Art of Facultat de Belles Arts of Barcelona), Blai Mesa (Visual Laboratory and director of Lo Pati) and Vicent Fibla (spa.RK and director of Eufònic) selected the two proposals from a twenty projects. The projects will be realised this month of August and will present next September to the centre of Art Lo Pati as part of the second edition of the Festival Eufònic. The projects selected have been the ones of the american artist Ryan Rivadeneyra and the French-Spanish group formed by Edith Alonso and Antony Maubert.

Ryan Rivadeneyra
Artist born in Miami and resident in Catalonia. His works have seen to Can Felipa, MACBA, La Capella or Fabra Coats (Barcelona) and galleries and spaces of Mountreal, Leeds or New York. In Eufònic will present a work between the north and the south, between Ter and Ebre: 'Entre Ríos I y II'  will be an installation and a performance that will be able to see also to the Biennial of Jafra to first of August, in an audiovisual proposal where show the experiences lived between the artist and the environment, questions between the cultural identity and the human interactions, between the fictitious and the historical, where intersperses the narrative and the experiences of seven days that the artist will have happened to the residence of Balada in the heart of Ebro Delta.

Edith Alonso & Antony Maubert
Edith Alonso (Madrid) and Antony Maubert (France) are two active members of the Madrid scene and have been participating in Insonora (Madrid), Morelia (Mexico), Interference-IDFX (Netherlands) or ICMC (United Kingdom): circuit bending, prepared instruments and analog synthesizers, electro sound installations, digital synthesis and field recordings. In Balada will reside a will in August to present us the result of his work in September as a sound performance from a graphic score generated by the geography of Ebro Delta, adapting their controllers "home made" to the tipical sounds of the landscape.

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