Lo Pati - Centre d'Art  - Terres de l'Ebre : The Telling of Beautiful Untrue Things

The Telling of Beautiful Untrue Things

La Pati, Amposta (Tarragona)

8 June -1 September 2013

Dossier Exposició (català)

Dosier Exposición (castellano)

A landscapes exhibition

The idea of landscape experiences a copernican revolution with the Oscar Wilde essay “The Decay of Lying”, published in 1891. It contains a very famous sentence: “Life imitates art far more than Art imitates life”, according to Alain Roger, one of the key contemporary thinkers on the subject, it represents a founding moment for a new interpretation of landscape as a cultural construction. Landscape doesn’t exist in itself. Despite the deep founded confusion between nature and landscape in common language in which landscape is perceived as fixed and established, it is a changing idea; an unperceived and slowly shaped cultural invention by the energy that Wilde identifies as artistic representation. We have landscapes, and we like determined landscapes because our visual experience has been influenced by art (or in other words: by the assimilation of it by the consumer society). In that way we are permanently learning to see what some day will be new landscapes.

This is the basis of the present exhibition. It presents a thematic itinerary that shows works of art and different cultural contemporary expressions as starting points to imagine new territories, gaze at views, discover spaces, and know the life that they contain. It aims to give new contexts the status of landscape. To sum up, to build


Carlos Aires, Rosa Amorós, Arquitecturia, Miquel Barceló, Xavier Basiana i Jaume Orpinell, Basurama, Josep Berga i Boix, Francesc Català-Roca, Patrícia Dauder, Joan Fontcuberta, Francesc Guasch Homs, Albert Gusi, Pere Gussinyé, Juan Antonio Hernández-Díez, Jaume Mercadé, Joaquim Mir, Fina Miralles, Mariona Moncunill i Rasmus Nilausen, Soriano Montagut, Julia Montilla, Palle Nielsen, Perejaume, Frederic Perers, Enrique Radigales, Job Ramos, Jorge Ribalta, Xavier Ribas, Francesc Ruiz, Txema Salvans, Alberto Schommer, Joaquim Vayreda.


Albert Martinez Lopez-Amor



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Lo Pati

Centre d'Art - Terres de l'Ebre

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Ajuntament d'Amposta


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Generalitat de Catalunya

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Museu de les Terres de l'Ebre


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