Lo Pati - Centre d'Art  - Terres de l'Ebre : ‘Cinema al Pati’: La Plaga

Poster of the film The Plague

‘Cinema al Pati’: La Plaga

Lo Pati, Centre d'Art de les Terres de l'Ebre

15 March at 20:30 h

Winner of VI Gaudí Awards, screened at Forum Berlinale and D'A 2013, the film will be introduced by Neus Ballús, director of the film, and Pau Subirós, producer.

Cinema al Pati is born of the need to approach those cinematographic works that, for his own nature and for the critical state of the current distribuition, fail to traditional screens. Cinema of author, documentaries and independent films from different origins, always low a common denominator, the quality and facilitate access to the works of difficult distribution, as possible respecting the optimum conditions of projection. A museum environment that reinforces the artistic aspect of the proposals, often destined to the circuit of cinemas in original version of the big cities the idea to program activities around the cinema and the cinematographic creation along the year. In May 2014 we have programmed a minifestival of three days, Paisatge actor, that will complement and enrich Paisatge motor exhibition, which will end just few days before. 

The activity will begin the next Saturday 15 of Marchwith the catalan revelation film of the 2013, La Plaga, of Neus Ballús, an excellent documentary-fiction that opened the section Forum of the festival of Berlin last year, ended the Festival Cinema of Author of Barcelona 2013, and just now won four awards in Prizes Gaudí 2014 (better film, direction, spriptt and setting), in addition being nominated for the Goya 2014 or that has pass the Malaga Film Festival and the Prizes LUX European, among many others. 

With the aim to enrich the experience we will have the presence of the director of the film, Neus Ballús, and the producer, Pau Subirós, approaching the creativity act complementing it with the debate. Both of them are founders of  El Kinògraf producer, and with their film La Plaga arrives to them the international recognition. In a moment in which the cinema can become a solitary act, Cinema al Pati bet for the qualities that define it: an activity designed to be enjoyed in a room in the dark, collectivizing the experience. 

La Plaga (Neus Ballús, 2013)
Halfway between documentary and fiction, La Plaga talks about the current economic crisis throught the stories of five people crossed on the outsides of Barcelona struggling to survive. The protagonists interpret themselves after a working for more than four years with the director, a long process has served to Ballús to build a moving of the life that boil on the outskirts of the big cities, between fields, highways and industrial polygons. 

In the story there is Raul, a farmer that tries to do organic production and hires Iurie to help him in the tasks of the field. Iurie is a fighter Moldovan of free fight, but to earn money has to work on what come out. Slowly, the stories of two men interwined with the three story of three solitary women: Maria, a grandmother who has to keep out the house where she has always lived to go to a residence of big people; Rose, a Philippine nurse who has just arrived in the country, and Maribel, a prostitute who every time has fewer customers. The destinies of these characters go interweaving as the summer progresses. 


Free entry. 



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