Lo Pati - Centre d'Art  - Terres de l'Ebre : In Albis of Asbel Esteve in Cannes

Photo: Antonio Cecilia

In Albis of Asbel Esteve in Cannes

Cannes Festival

The work "In Albis" by Asbel Esteve produced by Lo Pati is selected to the Cannes Festival

The film of the citizen director Asbel Esteve is projecting this week at the Cannes Festival. The work was realised in February in the installation of the Center of Art Lo Pati. Asbel Esteve was one of the artist selected to the announcement of Emergent Art (TE) whose main objective is support the creation of new and emerging artist from Terres de l'Ebre. 

In Albis is a subtle and intimate reflection that explores the relationship between time and feelings related to living areas. According to Asbel Esteve pieace bring us to "feelings pushed in the background of our being, we forgotten those feeling without realizing it still there, still absorbing everything around us".  

The film highlights for a work of camera very accurate and an extreme sensitivity at the time of considering the narrative time. The sountrack has been realised by the musician Edgar de Ramon and photo by Luís Diaz. 

Since Art Center we want to emphasize the notoriety of the projection that represents this international recognition for the artist, as well as the satisfaction that represents to have collaborated actively in the realisation of this work. 

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