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Image nº 1 Terres. Photo: Guille Barberà

Terres MGZ

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17 de febrer de 2012

The digital publication terresmagazine.com is presented to Lo Pati

Terres Magazines is a project of diffusion of Terres de l'Ebre, culture, people, landscape, of his products and his food. At the same time, is an aesthetic and social reflection on the territory and the people, how they interact and relate to it. 

The project started by graphic designer Jaume Martínez, the photographer Guillermo Barberà and the filmaker Santi Valldepérez, all with more than ten years of professional experience in their fields and extensive experience in the publishing sector. 

All three at present reside in Terres de l'Ebre, after working out for years, maingly in Barcelona, but also in Europe and South America. Terres is an open space for the intervention of contributors of multiple fields, since visual and audible artists until writers or painters. 

The initial format will be the one on-line magazine to terresmagazine.com, with versions for tablet and website. Also it will edit a number-annual summary and will do a circulation of flyers of each edition of the magazine that will be distributed for all Catalonia. Each number will consist on six articles that will go accumulating of a progressive way to the fail or our web. The second part of the magazine will be a guide for restaurants, accommodation and sevices of the Terres de l'Ebre. 

Towns, cycling, rafting, horseback or on foot, prominent people and people of the territory ... The jobs and the characteristics hobbies of the Ebro ... Products and cooking sea, mountain and river ... all this is Terres.

This project is addressed to all types of people sensitive to the beauty of the landscape and to the local people of Ebro, wanting to kwnow corners of undiscovered territory.



Party of presentation of the project Terres
and the number #00 of the digital magazine terresmagazine.com_

Petit Cafè d'Amposta · tasting catering 
Vlad Pop · Graffitis
Jordi Puente (psicoflow), Aitor Ondozabal, Judit Melis · Hip-Hop
Patricia Carles · Installation of art
Miguel Àngel Marin · Live clarinet
Dj Fibla · Dj Edgar de Ramón · Pedro Fx · Dj Jaume Vidal


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