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Ana Morcillo & Jon Rulle in front of the bridge of Amposta

The Waterfall, winner of XYZ

Dossier explicatiu The Waterfall

Published: 27/08/2012

The Waterfall project wins the contest of public art XYZ and will transform in a waterfall the bridge of Amposta.

The popular consultation launched to Amposta with the reason of the contest of public art XYZ has chosen as a winning the project The Watefall, of the team of architects Morcillo + Pallarés established to Cieza (Murcia), Ana Morcillo Pallaré (Murcia, 1980) and Jonathan Russell Rule (New York, 1980). The project aims to create a waterfall flowing from above the suspension bridge of Amposta. To do it, his creator propose to install a circiut closed that take it water for the river of contant way and drive it to the bridge. The installation will inaugurate the 29 of September with a big party with the aim to involve even more the citizenship in project XYZ.

In fact, were the citizen of Amposta who have chosen The Waterfall amonge the nine selected projects. In all, to the five installed urns of the 6 to 19 of August in differents points of the city, 1.009 votes have been counted, of which 318 (31%) have been for the winning project, followed of close by Pontting, 296 votes (29%). Fem del pont la font, has been with 109 votes (11%), the third most voted project.

This is the first edition of the contest of public art XYZ, a certamen driven by Lo Pati Center of Art of Terres de l'Ebre, directed by Antònia Ripoll, Maria Pons and Marian Marin, with the support of the School of Art and Design of Amposta (Esardi) and the Museum of Terres de l'Ebre.

The winning project

At the time of designing The Waterfall the winning architects split of the base that the bridge hanging of Amposta is a place of transition between the urban world and the natural. They conceive the work like a visual experience and at the same time audible for the viewer. The visual experience is the waterfall of the bridge that will be able to see since the two bands of the bridge. The audible is not other that the noise of the water falling on of the river, an experience that the citizen will be able to experience immediately to cross the bridge.


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