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L'Aula al Pati

The Terres de l'Ebre art centre, Lo Pati, is named after the site where it is located - the playground of the old Amposta school. A playground provides the place and the time for leisure, games, conversation and social relationships. Traditionally these activities have been seen as mere fun, a break from school activities. But other visions of the role of schools (for example, the “active school” concept) recognise their social and educational role. 

This relationship between the Terres de l'Ebre art centre and the school playground gave us the leitmotiv for this  project, L’Aula al Pati – the classroom in the playground. A project which is not defined as merely artistic or educational, but rather as a mixture of the two aspects. This is similar to concepts being developed by collectives like La Fundació or Sitesize. 

The two directions the name of our project points in, demonstrate that our proposal aims to explore education outside of the classroom (the playground as a metaphor) and captures the possibilities of cultural production in bringing the classroom to an art centre (Lo Pati). An opportunity for learning, where learning is seen as a form of cultural production - not only reproduction – which goes through the artistic and educational experiences of the subjects involved.

The objective of L'Aula al Pati is based on an exchange and collaboration between the art centre and other formal and informal educational centres and bodies of the Terres de l'Ebre. 

It starts out from the idea that both contemporary art and education deploy cultural practices and pedagogical strategies to reach their audiences.

From this point of view, education encompasses all the realms of the social and cultural life of the area, from the “mere” school playground to Lo Pati (the Terres de l'Ebre art centre).

The purpose is to explore what comes of the encounter between people and institutions that, despite operating in the same context, are usually considered to be in separate realms. The approach and participation strategies are based on dialogue and structured around different focuses defined by the art centre and our objectives.

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Lo Pati

Centre d'Art - Terres de l'Ebre

C/ Gran Capità, 38-40

Tel. 977 709 400

43870 Amposta

Opening hours:

Thursday, friday and saturday 17:00 - 20:00
Sunday 11:00 - 14:00



Organised by:

Ajuntament d'Amposta


With the support of:

Generalitat de Catalunya

Diputació de Tarragona

And the collaboration of:

Museu de les Terres de l'Ebre


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