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The format of the Biennale d'Art Ciutat d'Amposta (BIAM) has evolved over the previous eleven editions (1989-2011) and it represents a powerful showcase for the emergent creativity of the country. Its inclusion in the structure of our art centre’s programmes led to the BIAM biennale redefining its organisational core and management model. A greater internationalization and uniqueness in its work aims to convert the event into a veritable thermometer of contemporary art creation, leading to a subsequent drawing up of maps and the development of effective networks within the territories involved in this emerging art creativity.

The Lo Pati art centre in Amposta aims to be a catalyst at the core of all the visual arts projects and initiatives created in the Terres de l’Ebre region. We focus on developing exhibition programmes, and on education, art production and creating an art collection and archives in accordance with our role in the Catalan Visual Arts Centres Network.

Our project’s uniqueness lies in the relationship between art and nature. The importance of the value of nature as a characteristic feature of this area, and the complicity and closeness of the neighbouring Terres de l’Ebre Museum lead to lines of work and collaborations which support this goal. These values are the seeds of the idea of our centre as a meeting point between culture, nature and landscape. The BIAM is the backbone to the centre’s project in this sense, working to fulfil these ambitions and value the proximity of artistic works based on these features.


List of works and winning artists of BIAM:

1.- BIAM 89. "Perquè tu et projectis 3". Carles Guerra
2.- BIAM 91. "Síntesi d’un diàleg". Manel Margalef 
3.- BIAM 93. "Sense títol". Susy Gómez
4.- BIAM 95. "Sense títol". Diana Rovira
5.- BIAM 97. "Hiperorama". Javier Peñafiel
6.- BIAM 00. Desert
7.- BIAM 02. "Sense títol". Juan de Jarrillo
8.- BIAM 04. "LDN. Série de 22 dibuixos assistits per ordinador". 
     Consol Rodríguez
9.- BIAM 06. "Salvando las distancias". Telmo Moreno
10.-BIAM 08. "Mini Yo. Invasión nº 5". Pablo Bellot
11.- BIAM 10. Premi Ex Aequo:
    - "Tres aproximacions a lloro activista". Rafael G. Bianchi
    - "La naturalesa de l’engany". Xavier Ristol
12.- BIAM 12. "1.432.327 m2". Raquel Friera
13.- BIAM 14. "Static Explosion". Anna Dot
14.- BIAM 16. "El lago de los cisnes". Fermín Jimenez Landa
15.- BIAM 18. "Retomar sonidos". Matteo Guidi



BIAM jury members:

Alexandra Laudo, Juan Canela, Núria Enguita, Alex Nogueras, Martí Manen, Alex Nogueras, Amanda Cuesta, Chantal Grande, Carles Duran, Jose Carlos Suarez, Juan de Nieves, Montse Badia, David G. Torres, Pedro Soler, Carles Guerra, Valentin Roma, Ivan de la Nuez, Marta Gili, Manuel Olveira, Ninfa Bisbe, Ferran Barenlit, Amparo Lozano, Marti Peran, Miguel Cortés, Manel Clot, Frederic Montornés, Luis Francisco Perez, Teresa Blanch, Marta Pol, Gloria Bosch, Saretto Cincinelli, Maria José Corominas, Assumpta Rosés, Abel Figueres, Josefina Matamoros, Anna M. Guasch, David Armengol, Vicente Todolí, Oriol Fontdevila, Cèlia del Diego, Jose Luis Pérez Pont, Álvaro de los Ángeles, Pedro Maisterra, Manuel Segade, Sabel Gavaldán, Gerardo Peral, Marina Vives and more...

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Lo Pati

Centre d'Art - Terres de l'Ebre

C/ Gran Capità, 38-40

Tel. 977 709 400

43870 Amposta

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Thursday, friday and saturday 17:00 - 20:00
Sunday 11:00 - 14:00



Organised by:

Ajuntament d'Amposta


With the support of:

Generalitat de Catalunya

Diputació de Tarragona

And the collaboration of:

Museu de les Terres de l'Ebre


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