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The Irradiador is a service for visual art professionals, offering dossiers of 53 artists from the Terres de l’Ebre and Tarragona regions.

Lo Pati, working together with the Tarragona Art Centre, can use this material to promote these artists and their work further afield than their local context, connecting them to national, state and international agents to facilitate their professionalisation within the field of contemporary visual arts.

This curated archive aims to offer support and visibility to art creators born, living or working in the Terres de l’Ebre or Tarragona area. The project has its roots in the interests of both art centres in strengthening our local cultural contexts and favouring a framework for the growth and professional consolidation of local artists. It also aims to promote a space for communication and exchange between artists and other contexts. The principal goal of the archive’s information and documentation is to visualise and make visible the creators and their works in this local context. A second goal is to put them in contact with other cultural agents in order to facilitate their professionalisation within the field of contemporary visual arts.

The project was directed initially by Cèlia del Diego, Jordi Ribes and Cristian Añó (Sinapsis) of the Tarragona Art Centre. The first edition, open to any artists born, living or working in the Tarragona area, took place in 2012. The archive consists of the twenty-four artists selected.

The Tarragona Art Centre carried out various promotion activities related to these artists during the first year with a high degree of success. This led to the decision to develop the project again, inviting the Lo Pati centre to participate too, and thus extending the list to include artists from the Terres de l’Ebre. The selecting committee consisted of: Leonardo Escoda, visual artist; Cecília Lobel (cultural management and curator) and Aureli Ruiz (visual artist), both curators of the “Breathing Time” project; Frederic Montornès, art critic and curator; Cèlia del Diego, director of the Tarragona Art Centre; and Blai Mesa, director of Lo Pati, Terres de l’Ebre Art Centre. With Lo Pati’s participation, local artists recently selected in the Emerging Art and BIAM 2012 projects have also been added to the list of artists in the L’Irradiador project.


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