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Since 2005 the annual Festival of Video and Digital Arts, Strobe, programmes workshops, single channel videos, multimedia installations, net art, and live AV events (audiovisual concerts) among other activities. The festival has also become established as an interesting place for production and experimentation including documentary-making, large-scale installations, participatory projects, and TV shows, with the philosophy of being not just a showcase for art but also a laboratory. Since 2010 the festival has provided a theme around which the participating works must be developed.

Artists who have taken part in Strobe include: Evru, Marcel·lí Antúnez, Internet II, Jodi, Kuang Yu-Tsui, Fernando Llanos, Gerarg Gil, Joanna Hoffmann, Neuronoise, Casey Reas, Onionlab, Videotone, Chris Sugrue, OAU!, Amadeu Anguera, Arnolfini, Solu, Telenoika, Kemdefer, Alfred Porres Pla, Testphase, Hqlmns, Toni Serra (Abu Alí), Divina Huguet & Teresa Martí, Xavi Hurtado, Sebastian Seifert, Arbol, León Siminiani, Patrícia Carles, Martí Anson, Maurycy Gomulicki, Oliver Held, Leiko Ikemura, Andreas M. Kaufmann, Santi Valldeperez, Mabel Palacín, Susan Philipsz, Francesc Ruiz, Jan Rothuizen, Sam Samore and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Francesc Marín, Leonardo Escoda, Mariona Moncunill, Núria Marquès, Santiago Vich, David Bestué and Marc Vives, Toni Crabb, Jordi Ribes, Debbie Grimberg and Pablo Ribot, Mauro Entrialgo, Carles Santos, Roberto de la Torre, José Eugenio Sánchez, Oscar Cueto, Raúl Cordero, Jeannette Chávez, Ernesto Oroza, Rodrigo Nava, Miguel Matus, Antonio Domínguez, Gerardo García de la Garza, Héctor Falcón, Katiuska Saavedra, Colectivo Pabaco, David Fernàndez, Victor G. Noxpango, Alba Sotorra.


 - To strengthen the reach and recognition of art made with new technologies as a vibrant artistic practice within the international arena.

 - To consolidate a multimedia laboratory for the dissemination of artistic projects and curation with new media.

 - To continue working on the opening of spaces linking the presence of artists at the festival with local groups of artists, art schools and other agents.

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